The Story of the

Iranian Rainbow Family    

Iranian woman Priya was introduced to Rainbow Gatherings by a good friend in 2003. Having gone to a couple of national gatherings in Turkey and in America , she noticed that she seldom encountered any other Iranians. She put her intention on envisioning that one day the Rainbow Spirit would make its way to other Iranians around the world and to the ones living in Iran . In 2004, when Priya heard that the next World Rainbow Gathering would take place in Turkey in May of 2005, she knew that this was the opportunity she had been praying for. Turkey was an ideal country because it neighbors Iran , and has no visa requirements for Iranians. Priya spent many months emailing and phoning everyone she knew back in Iran and told them about this gathering. With a small group of friends, informational brochures were printed so as to let people know about the history of Rainbow Gatherings, what the culture and spirit of the Rainbow is, and how to prepare for the journey. In the end, a bus of 22 Iranians set out to go to the 2005 World Gathering in Turkey . This was the first time in history, that a Rainbow Gathering had an Iranian camp. The connection between Iranians and other brothers and sisters from the rest of the Middle East was so powerful that there was a vision council to start the first Peace In The Middle East Rainbow Gathering. Consensus was made that this gathering would be in Turkey from March to April 2006 and that it would be focused on Peace in the Middle East . The first PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST RAINBOW GATHERING took place in March of 2006. It brought together about 60 Iranians, along with other brothers and sisters from all over the world for a total of 450 people. On the 29th of March there was a total solar eclipse that was experienced in silence and followed by prayers for peace, music and celebration. At the vision council, the Peace in the Middle East Rainbow Gathering was declared annual. Turkey will continue to host this gathering until other options become available. The Iranian Rainbow Family has not yet had its own national gathering but intends to continue its active participation in other gatherings around the world, especially in all future Peace in the Middle East Rainbow Gatherings. Furthermore, the family offers itself as a support system to Rainbow Travelers who want to visit or travel through Iran .


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